All staff within health services has a responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of patients and colleagues. 

Living a life that is free from harm and abuse is a fundamental human right of every person and an essential requirement for health and well-being.

Safeguarding Adults

NHS and Other Health Services

- Your Responsibilities
- Categories of Abuse
- Role as Alerter
- Information Sharing
- Mental Capacity Act
- Assessing Capacity Chart
- Deprivation of Liberty
- Capacity and Consent

Safeguarding Adults Policy

Safeguarding Adults Protocol for Practices

Training Strategy

What We Do

How to Contact Us

Safeguarding Children

Policies and Procedures


- Training Strategy
- Domestic Abuse Strategy


- Supervision Guidelines
- Information Sharing Guidance
- Reports to Child Protection Template
- Fabricated/Induced Illness by Carer
- Did not Attend
- Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)