Our Values

Our Values set out what we care about as an organisation and help to define how we want to behave. 

The NHS values as outlined in the NHS Constitution are:

  • Respect and dignity
  • Commitment to quality of care
  • Compassion
  • Improving lives
  • Working together for patients
  • Everyone counts

NHS Erewash CCG has signed up to the NHS values above and has identified some additional values to govern what we do:

  • Professionalism.  We will adhere to ethical practice in all that we do. We will ensure that we have effective interactions with patients and the public as well as with staff in the organisation and people in other organisations;
  • Integrity.  We will act with integrity in all dealings with the public and other organisations either within or outside of the NHS;
  • Inclusivity.  We will aim to ensure that we include the views of patients, carers, families, communities, clinicians and voluntary and statutory organisations, to ensure that we commission health services that meet the needs of the local population. We are committed to delivering the equality and diversity system;
  • Distributed leadership.  This is concerned with mobilising leadership at all levels in the organisation and not just relying on leadership from the top.  It is about engaging the many rather than the few in leadership activity within the CCG and actively distributing leadership practice.   To achieve this we will involve a wide range of our GP Members and other clinicians to lead specific projects;
  • Clinical leadership by “jobbing” GPs/clinicians.  Clinical leadership roles will only be filled by ‘jobbing GPs/clinicians’ (whereby they do not spend more time working in the CCG than they are seeing patients as GPs). This will ensure that all clinicians on the Governing Body and its committees are able to represent front line clinicians; and
  • Autonomy.  Erewash CCG and its members have a long history of sound relationships and of working together collaboratively across the locality. This will continue and we are committed to a localised CCG, rather than to become absorbed into a larger consortium where it is felt that members may experience a loss of identity and loss/diffusion of their style of working that has served the local community well.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Strategic Priorities