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NHS Equality Delivery System

Equality Delivery System

About the Equality Delivery System

The EDS is designed to help us improve equality performance, embed equality into mainstream NHS business and is one of the key products to come out of the Equality and Diversity Council (EDC).

The EDS is designed for the NHS by the NHS and is based on:

  • best practice from across industry, including the Equality Framework for local government
  • the views of over 660 people (including patients & staff)
  • reviews and reports on equality in the NHS, including guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)
  • learning from programmes such as Pacesetters, Breaking Through and Positively Diverse.

Key EDS documents

The following five documents were published on the 29 July and are available to download from the East Midlands website: 

  • The EDS for the NHS: Main text 
  • The EDS for the NHS: Equality Analysis
  • The EDS for the NHS: 9 Easy Steps
  • The EDS for the NHS: Grades Manual
  • The EDS for the NHS: Statement on costs and benefits

Who it covers

The EDS applies to all NHS organisations, including Clinical Commissioning Groups such as Erewash CCG, GP Consortia, and to NHS providers including foundation trusts.

What it delivers

By using the EDS, we are able to meet the requirements of the Equality Act and are better placed to meet the registration requirements of the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  The EDS helps the us to deliver on:

  • the NHS Outcomes framework
  • the right and pledges of the NHS Constitution for patients and staff
  • addressing health inequalities in general, improving outcomes and reducing gaps.

Implementation of EDS

The EDS work is being led by Tim Rideout, Implementation Director, NHS Commissioning Board on behalf of the EDC. The timeline for the implementation of EDS is as follows:

  • July 2011 – Roll-out of the EDS to the NHS
  • September 2011- Evaluation of the EDS commences
  • October 2011 – Launch of the EDS
  • April 2012 – EDS is implemented

If you have a general query about the implementation of EDS please contact us