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Membership Forum

The Membership Forum is established to hold to account the Governing Body and its committees for the delivery of the Group’s mission, vision and values. It also enables a forum for peer to peer discussion and review, where appropriate. Specifically, the Membership Forum will hold an annual review, with regard to the performance of the Governing Body; and the process for entry and exit from the CCG by Mamber Practices will be managed. Other responsibilities are included in the Terms of Reference below.

Terms of Reference


Practice Representative Name of Practice
Dr Aulfut Ali Adam House Surgery
Dr Aqib Bhatti Aitune Practice
Dr Sudhir Ramchandran College Street Medical Practice
Dr Neerunjun Jootun Eden Surgery
Dr Arvind Mistry Gladstone House Surgery
Dr Nick Manning Golden Brook Practice
Dr Raj Kumar Ilkeston Family Practice
Dr Simon Purnell Ilkeston Health Centre – Dr Purnell and Partners
Dr Amanda Portnoy Ilkeston Health Centre – Dr Webb and Partners
Dr Markus Henn Littlewick Medical Centre
Dr Avi Bhatia Moir Medical Centre
Dr John Ashcroft Old Station Surgery
Dr Nandini Gokhale Park View Medical Centre

The Chair of this Group is still to be confirmed and this will be updated as soon as possible

Future Meetings/Dates

Dates of these meetings will be confirmed as soon as possible