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Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights

Equality Objectives

As part of Erewash CCGs on-going work to ensure all activities are inclusive for the local communities and also meet the requirements of the duties placed on it by UK legislation, including the Equality Act 2010, the following Equality Objectives have been developed for 2013 – 2015:

1.       To continue to gather useful information on the diversity of the local communities in order to better understand their health needs

  • Year 1 – Build accurate and more detailed local profiles across protected characteristic groups of the population served
  • Year 2 – Utilise these profiles to inform the commissioning activities for the local area (part of duty to take proportionate Due Regard to PSED)

2.       To identify and reduce health inequalities for vulnerable and/or protected groups in the local communities. (links and expands on CCG priority 4)

  • Year 1 – Identify what health inequalities exist within the local population with particular focus to protected groups
  • Year 2 – Take prioritised action to address identified health inequalities

3.       To continue working with the seldom heard groups in the local area and further build good relationships with them.

  • Year 1 – Work with  the seldom heard groups and begin the process of further relationship building
  • Year 2 – Continue to build relationships ensuring their voice is heard i.e. when considering changes to services

4.       To support the work on integration of care focused on Frail and Older people and to identify the health needs across protected characteristics in relation to access to services and health outcomes (links to CCG priority 5)

  • Year 1 – Identify the diversity of the older population and what this means when accessing services and their health outcomes.
  • Year 2 – Take prioritised action to address any identified inequalities due to protected characteristics in access to services or health outcome in the older population.

5.       To ensure work to support people with long term conditions includes consideration of any specific needs which may arise due to a protected characteristic or vulnerability.

  • Year 1 – Identify how long term conditions can affect different people with protected characteristics
  • Year 2 – Take prioritised action to address any issues identified where particular protected groups with long term conditions may experience a differences in access to services or in health outcomes

Further details of how the CCG will be taking these objectives forward will be published in the coming weeks, with progress updates being made available on a quarterly basis.