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Commissioning and Quality Group

The Group will review regular reports on the quality of commissioned services, on specific quality improvement initiatives, and on any serious failures in quality.

The duties of the Group will be driven by the commissioning and quality priorities for the CCG and any associated risks or areas of commissioning and quality improvement.  They look to seek assurance that the commissioning strategy and plan for the CCG fully reflects all elements of quality (patient experience, effectiveness and patient safety) and provide assurance that commissioned services are being delivered in a high quality and safe services manner across the CCG, among other various functions.

Terms of Reference


Name Role
Dr Markus Henn Chair - GP Member (Littlewick Medical Centre)
Dr John Ashcroft
GP Member (Old Station Surgery)
Dr Neerunjun Jootun GP Member (Eden Surgery)
Dr Aqib Bhatti GP Member (Aitune Practice)
Dr Aulfut Ali GP Member (Adam House Surgery)
Dr Amanda Portnoy GP Member (Ilkeston Health Centre – Dr Webb and Partners)
Dr Nandini Gokhale GP Member (Park View Medical Centre)
Dr Arvind Mistry GP Member (Gladstone House Surgery)
Dr Duncan Gooch GP Member (Golden Brook Practice)
Dr Simon Purnell GP Member (Ilkeston Health Centre – Dr miller and Partners)
Dr Sudhir Ramchandran GP Member (College Street Medical Practice)
Dr Avi Bhatia GP Member (Moir Medical Centre)
Ms Jo Deering Practice Managers Representative
Mr Rakesh Marwaha Accountable Officer / Chief Officer
Mrs Charlotte Allen-Neale Chief Finance Officer
Mrs Anne-Maria Olphert Chief Nurse and Quality Officer
Ms Pam Watson Lay Member PPI
Mrs Helen Rose Head of Membership Development/Acting Primary and Community Care Director
Mr Falu Bharmal Board Secretary
Ms Lynn Wilmott-Shepherd Commissioning and Delivery Director

Future Meetings

18th April 2013
16th May 2013
20th June 2013
18th July 2013
15th August 2013
19th September 2013
17th October 2013
21st November 2013
19th December 2013
16th January 2014
20th February 2014
20th March 2014